“Well Done! That was GREAT!”
~Annetta Lucero – Three-time World Champion baton twirler


“I really enjoyed your Basic Contact Staff Class and I can’t wait to learn more awesome moves. You were super fun to be around and learn from and helped make my first flow arts introduction an awesome one. I really enjoyed you in the flowcase and in fire circle. Simply an amazing talent you have.”
~ Lynda MarieĀ 


“Your staff class was the best I have ever taken and I tell everyone that!!!!!”
~Aetheria De Fleury


“SpinningSpades, I probably took more away from this class than almost any other class ever, and I think most people feel that way. Thank you so much for your positive energy and motivation. I’ll work on mastering the Jesus roll for next year! :}D”
~Samuel Granillo


“The other day, one of my special education students spun me a wonderful story about how he was going to light a big stick on fire and spin it all around with his magical powers. So I brought him over to the computer, went on to Youtube, and searched for “Spades.” Then I watched as he was hypnotized by the videos and sat there with his mouth hanging open in awe :-) His joy with it made my day”
~Niira Daniella Krupnick


“You helped change my life and now ur off to reach out to more hearts around the world! U are truley amazing!”
~Sarah “One Poi” Green