Spades’ 2014 TOUR!

~~~~~ ♠ 1/1/14 – Beloved’s Inspire Truth: Portland, OR stilt walking ~~~~~ ♠ 1/23/14 – 1/24/14 – NBC’s Grimm: Episode 316 featured circus artist: Portland, OR (dragon staff, staff, club juggling, club passing, LED double staff, LED contact sword, LED club … Continue reading

Fire & Flow – 2013 in Review

This video is a compilation of some fire performances I did throughout 2013. This video includes footage filmed performing on set of the “Lucent Dream” video for Phutureprimitive, with Spark! Circus in Thailand, at Pacific Fire Gathering‘s gala show, and around Oregon on some … Continue reading


When I first heard about Ken Hill’s Ultimate Ninja competition I was intrigued.  After I checked out the website and realized I still had time to submit my own entry I got excited. I grew up studying Tang Soo … Continue reading

Establishing the Flow Federation

The wheels on the 40-foot bus were going round and round.  We were gaining momentum and on our final stretch of road before hitting the gate, anxious with anticipation of the coming week.  Our bellies were full and so was … Continue reading

Cheese On Fire

♠ 9/23/13 ♠ Horning’s Hideout is one of the most spectacular music venues in Oregon. It is tucked away in the rolling hills and trees of the Pacific Northwest about 35 minutes from Portland and includes several spectacular frisbee golf courses, a … Continue reading

More Fire at the Oregon Country Fair

♠ 9/10/13 ♠ I’ve attended the Oregon Country Fair in the beginning of July every year since 2007 and become more and more involved.  I started taking on responsibilities of running a safe and organized fire dancing circle at the Darling Reunion … Continue reading

MAD SKILLZ across the Northern border

♠ 9/5/13 ♠ I started juggling around July last year and must admit that it has become an addiction.  It started with a simple desire to advance my staff tossing skills and increase my hand-eye coordination, but alas it has progressed into … Continue reading