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I offer private lessons for $60 per hour with discounts on multiple sessions.



Basic Contact Staff

Come learn how to spin a staff without gripping it with your hand!

Welcome to the MAGICAL WORLD OF CONTACT STAFF!!  We will be starting from the basics and working our way up the ladder to cover any contact staff move you want to learn!
Class will be divided based on skill level and participants will be encouraged to move between groups to challenge themselves and help each other learn!  All skill levels welcome!


Staff Tosses and Juggling

Learn how to throw sticks in the air with style!  We will start with concepts and basic staff tosses for you to incorporate into your single or double staff spinning flow.  The class will progress into fancy toss variations and conclude with several staff juggling patterns.

All skill levels welcome!

(several sets of staffs will be provided, but please bring your own if possible)


Cane and Hat Tricks!

Hat and cane routines captivate any audience because the props are familiar, jaunty, fun, and EASY!  Join me for an introduction to performing with a cane and hat!  We will cover several hat manipulation tricks and incorporate a cane into the mix!  Body rolls, finger flips, and tosses with style!  Bring a full brimmed hat and a cane or staff if you have one.  Some canes will be provided.


Fire Arts Safety 101

Before you light up, learn how to do it SAFELY!!  This class will cover proper safety procedures for fueling, lighting, and spinning FIRE PROPS including poi, staff, hoop, fans, swords, and any other tool made for fire!  We will also discuss the pros and cons of various fuels, fire prop construction, and extinguish techniques.


Tricks from traps – SoSC (Staff on Staff Contact for Double Staffs)

Come learn how to spin two contact staffs around your body at the same time by utilizing “traps” or stopping points where you can reset your grip and energy with style.  We will start off with a basic description and demonstration of SoSC Traps then progress onto several tricks you can do out of them and end with some show stopping moves and a skill share!


Staff Spinning Like a NINJA

Embrace your inner NINJA with this workshop on basic staff spinning.  We will start from the beginning and show you how to properly hold and wield a staff.  Have you ever wondered how ninjas seem to spin a staff SOO FAST?? This workshop will show you how and leave you empowered to take on any foe and impress your friends!


Basic Three Ball Juggling

Have you ever wanted to juggle?  Now is your chance to learn!  Contrary to popular belief, EVERYONE can juggle!  With a bit of concentration, some practice, and a few tips you WILL be juggling by the end of the day!  Juggling is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination and impress your friends!  Come throw things in the air and have fun with us!


Contact sword

Become a Jedi!  Fire contact sword is one of the most astounding things to behold due to its asymmetrical appearance while still rolling and floating around your body like a contact staff.  All contact staff moves are possible with a sword and MORE!  Come learn technique to avoid getting burned with the massive flame while orienting the sword for best visual effect.  We will cover tosses, body rolls, fishtails, double sword moves, and illusions with amazing style!


My ANGEL! Angel Rolls for Contact Staff

We will be exploring one of the most visually stunning and fun moves in contact staff: the “Angel Roll”.  This workshop will cover dozens of variations on the move starting from the classic and working our way up.  Expect to toss, kick, and spin your way through some new ideas!


Rolling Down the Conveyer Belt  – Contact Staff

Let’s have fun learning dozens of ways to do the “Conveyer Belt” for contact staff!  This move allows you to work on lots of contact staff fundamentals and gives you a great move for performances.  I guarantee you will walk away knowing how to complete the basic Conveyer Belt AND learn new variations to practice!


Dragon Staff Basics

Dragon Staff is an amazing prop that allows the user to spin fast while taking it slow.  The extra spokes on the end of the staff keep the rotational inertia and allow complex body rolls to glide smoothly with minimal physical effort.  In this class we will explore how dragon staffs can continue their rotations in various ways across your forearms, shoulders, back, and legs with transitions to create your own routine.


Staff Balancing

Take your contact staff to the next level!  Learn ways to incorporate contact staff moves while balancing one staff on the other with creativity and flow.  We will go over several staff balancing techniques and explore how to use “traps” or stopping points where you can reset your grip with style.

(Contact staff experience encouraged but not required.  Please bring two staffs, preferably longer contact staffs)


Tales of Fishtails (for contact staff)

Come learn entrances, exits, and transitions between contact staff moves using the back of your hand instead of ever grabbing the staff!  Tall Tales of forward, backward, and ambidextrous Fishtails will be told, explored, and experimented with!  Come with a good understanding of how to do a fishtail, or be prepared to WORK YOUR BUTT OFF learning them with some amazing advice from amazing teachers!


Triple Staff

Combine equal parts contact staff, devil sticks, juggling, and double staff to get TRIPPLE STAFF! We will work on body rolls, tosses, traps, and get creative! We will start with the basics and get tricky following the suggestions and ideas of the class. (please bring three staffs; either all the same size or a smaller set of double staffs and a contact staff)


Flow Arts Promoting Personal Growth

We will discuss flow arts and states of flow in relation to the positive contributions they have promoting personal growth and empowerment.  Spending time with disadvantaged Burmese refugee children has taught me how powerful flow arts can be as a tool for self-empowerment.  Everyone no matter age, race, gender, or physical agility can be introduced to the flow arts and begin seeing immediate improvement and results.  States of play also open people up to positive experiences and promote healthy interactions with others.  How can we further incorporate flow arts into our society?


Spades is a graceful ninja capable of astounding feats of balance. He has taught workshops and performed around the world since 2007 and continues to do so whenever possible. His love of fire and flow arts is only equaled by his passion for teaching.

He has taught hundreds of workshops to students of all skill level ranging from 4 to 64 years old. All of his classes are tailored to his students’ ability and desires, so none of his workshops are taught the same way twice. This keeps people engaged and feeling fulfilled knowing that they truly learned something new before walking away.

Check out these video tutorials to try out some contact staff moves right now!

How to do an Angel Roll:

Advanced Angel Roll Variations: