♠Welcome to SpinningSpades.com!

♠ September 17, 2012

♠ Welcome to SpinningSpades.com! I decided to start this site for a few reasons:

♠ First I wanted a way for festival friends, musicians, promoters, and fellow flow enthusiasts to get a hold of me (and book me for shows or workshops!). I’ve been spinning fire for around five years now and have been traveling to more and more transformational festivals every year. I’ve made a TON of friends along the way and plan on meeting more inspiring, loving, artistic and energetic souls in the future!

♠ I also wanted a place to gather all the media I’m accumulating of my fire escapades. I’ll be packing these pages full of photos and videos of my performances and travels over the last few years and will be constantly adding to the archive. I own a video production company (www.AlteredImpactMedia.com) so I will be updating often.

♠ This blog is a personal endeavor I wanted to include as an outlet for me to express myself and my views of the world. I have a journalism degree from the University of Oregon and have always had a passion for writing, but haven’t devoted much time to putting my thoughts down recently. I’ve done a lot of amazing soul searching over the past few years and thought my friends and family would be interested in hearing about my journeys and subsequent ponderings. I will mostly be writing about object manipulation and performing with flow arts, but will definitely throw in some random scribbles about music, art, sacred geometry, quantum physics, traveling, videography, and any other zany idea i want! Thanks for stopping by! Check back often and stay reckless, but keep it classy!

♠♠ Love Comes In Spades ♠♠