India Blog 2

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I’ve landed safely in the land of INDIA and am LOVING IT!!!I left Oregon on January 6th in the early afternoon and finally arrived at our guest house in Gokarna on the evening of January 8th.
We had our first full team meeting with the 2016 Performers Without Borders India Crew on 1/11/2016 and have been working together every day since.
I absolutely LOVE everyone on the team and we have all been working together so well!  We have even decided a theme for our first show!  Watch the video to find out what it is!I’ve also been doing yoga every morning and am really proud of how much progress I’ve already made with my flexibility!  India is beautiful and the people are extremely friendly!Sign up to get email notifications every time I put out a new video blog!  Fill out the form at this link:
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Without further ado, I present to you my second Video Blog!
As an added BONUS, here is a RANDOM ADVENTURE I had!
Random Bonus Adventure!
Thank you SO MUCH for the love and support!  One week until we perform our show for the FIRST TIME!!