SPADES’ India Video Blog 4

Episode IV of my VIDEO BLOG updates!

vb 4

Our first week working with the children was AMAZING BEYOND WORDS!!!

I think I can speak for the entire team when I say we are FULLY energized by the love and admiration of these kids we have been working with and our hearts are exploding with love for them as well!!
We have been partnering with Manav Sadhna, a phenomenal NGO based in Ahmedabad, India. Check out my video to learn more about them and what they do! Or visit their FACEBOOK PAGE

We have performed our show 8 times now and it has gotten better and better! Plus we finally got a chance to teach several workshops to the kids in Ahmedabad!


Children of Ahmedabad

Now we are moving on to Varanasi (Banaras as the locals call it) to work for a month with a school Ashadeep and do lots of outreach programs! Time for the Big City Life!!

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Without further ado, I present to you my fourth Video Blog!